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Take the leap and quit meat for one week! You can do it and we are here to help.

We will send you recipes, information about participating shops, what’s on offer during the week, participating restaurants and so much more.

So give it a try, one week zero meat is not difficult. Do it for your health, or for the environment, or for animal rights, or for world hunger

Join the challenge by filling in the form here and tag us on social media with your progress using #maltameatfreeweek or on facebook during the week. Make a real difference!

4 reasons why to do the Challenge

Malta Meat Free Week & VeggyMalta Co-ordinator Darryl Grima explains why you should take the challenge in this short video whether for animal cruelty, to combat climate change and biodiversity loss, for your health or to create more food equity in this world.

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How to support

make a real difference!

In the virtual world

Use your social media media profiles to support the challenge. Malta Meat Free Week is on all the main social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It is important that the message is positive and encourages others to follow.

#maltameatfreemalta your photos on Instagram. @MaltaMeatFreeWeek us on Twitter and Facebook.

Make sure you Like our facebook pages (inducing VeggyMalta) and share our photos, messages and videos.

You should share and tag us when:

Doing your meat-free shopping | Preparing meat-free meals | Eating meat-free meals | At a restaurant eating a meat-free meal | Found some interesting meat-free offers | Share your own meat-free recipes | Celebrating with friends a meat-free outing |Make a week-long meat-free diary of your meals, snacks and drinks | Share the fun!

In the real world

You can help us gather more people doing the challenge. The bigger the crowd the bigger the impact.

If you want to try to get more people doing the challenge here are some ideas:

Organise a work challenge: ask you co-workers to join you in the challenge. You can also help each other out in food.

Get all the family to participate: ask the rest of the family to try it out. It will make cooking easier as well.

Make a friends challenge: ask your friends to try it out with you and make some friendly competitions between you.

Respect towards all beings

We want to emphasise that we will not associate ourselves with any hate speech or actions. Whilst we encourage others to try our meat-free lifestyle and better understand the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle, we respect others who do not share our respect for life.

Support our Sponsors

We kindly ask all to support our sponsors as they have made this possible. Without their financial help all of this would never have happened.

Buy their products as it is only thanks to their financial help that we can cover the costs for this initiative.

Events by supporting organisations

A number of organisations are organising awareness events and activities leading to Malta Meat Free Week. You can attend these events by contacting the organisers or even visit them to understand more about the message being forwarded by these groups.

A big thanks to these organisations for supporting us!

Main Sponsors


Without the financial support of our sponsors this challenge would not be possible as the costs to do this nationwide campaign are substantial. It is because of this that we strongly encourage you to also support the Malta Meat Free Week campaign by buying their products and supporting our sponsors.

Supporting organisations

These organisations including NGOs and blogs have chosen to support Malta Meat Free Week with their members and followers. We thank them for the support and for helping us spread the message to a wider audience. Together we can make a real difference!


Support the Challenge!

You can support Malta Meat Free Week by sending us a donation and help us cover the costs of this initiative. You can make a secure donation using our PayPal account.







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