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One week. Zero meat! Take up the challenge and do not eat any meat for one week. To help you out, during this week many shops, online shops, supermarkets and restaurants will be doing meat free specials. Will you take up the challenge?


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Why should you do the challenge?

Why should you take up the Malta Meat Free Week challenge? Why should you go our of your comfort zone and go meat free for a week?

There are many reasons why you should decrease the consumption of meat from your diet. This could be for health reasons, environmental reasons, animal suffering, world hunger or even to safeguard for your own health from the abuse of antibiotics by the livestock farming industry. Whatever the reason take a break from all meat (and fish) and help cleanse your body.

Your health

Reducing meat from one’s diet and increasing the consumption of plant based food is good for people’s health. By taking you the challenge individuals can think on how much meat they consume, and realise that there are healthier alternatives to meat. Even the World Health Organisation has labelled red and processed meat as a carcinogen.

The Environment

Livestock farming has a vast environmental impact and contributes to nearly 20% of human greenhouse gas production. 30% of the earth’s land surface is currently being used for livestock farming. Even by switching for one week you will be doing a mark let alone if you decrease your meat consumption.  

Animal suffering

If you are against animal suffering, it is clear that industrial livestock farming falls short of what you would deem as animal welfare. We close our eyes to the inhuman conditions that these animals live in all their life before they are fed on a plate. Just as the word itself implies – livestock, animals are considered as objects for profit not living sentient beings.

Retailers & Suppliers

We are inviting all food retailers (from health shops to supermarkets) to participate in this campaign. If you have a shop and you would like to participate in the campaign contact us so we can include your shop.

If you are manufacturer, importer or wholesaler of meat-free products and would like to make offers during Malta Meat Free Week contact us and join the campaign. Be part of this growing movement. 

Restaurants & Cafés

We are inviting restaurants, cafés and food establishments to join the challenge.

If you own a food establishment you can offer a special meat free menu or selection during this week, or even make an offer on your existing meat free choices. We will gladly support and provide you with our Malta Meat Free week table tent cards, other promotional material and include you on our website.

Shops participating

Restaurants participating

Online shops participating

Events taking place …

22 OCT 2018

Vegan MeetUps

An opportunity to meet up at a café and socialise. The choice of food and beverage will be meat-free

This event is organised by VeggyMalta, Cruelty Free Malta and Marrow

26 – 28th october

Consciousness Festival 2018

A three day event where you can enjoy music, vegan food (and gluten free), art and culture. All in the midst of an organic farm. It is an alcohol free event. Entrance tickets €5/day. 

There will be a full music line up all performing live. Plus yoga, mindfulness sessions, Tai Chi and more.  Supported by Malta Meat Free Week.

Latest from the Blog

Our site offers an extensive list of recipes that you can try out during Malta Meat Free Week. If you have a recipe that you have tried out and want to share it with us feel free to send it over on info@maltameatfreeweek.com with all the details and photos.

Sweet potato fries

Sweet potato fries→ Sweet Potatoes are one of our favorite vegetables, they’re so versatile and delicious 🙌🏼 Low in fat, high in starchy carbohydrates and fibre keeping you so satiated!😇 They’re especially praised for their high Vitamin A content present as beta...

Autumn Butternut and Pomegranate salad

Autumn Butternut and Pomegranate salad→ This first is perfect for this time of the year! Its a mildly warm dish which will not make you sweat😂Cooking instructions1. Chop the butternut squash into cubes (you may keep the skin on) 2. Add the chopped squash in a bowl and...

Mushroom Burgers

Mushroom Burger→ The burger is a classic meal always loved. This meat free burger gives the feel of a fresh burger along with minerals, protein and fibre.Cooking instructions1. Chop the mushrooms and place them in a pan. Sprinkle with olive oil and garlic, thyme and...

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We are not alone!

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