Personalities from different walks of life have chosen to support the Malta Meat Free Week challenge through their social and public profiles #maltameatfreeweek.

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A number of local personalities from the world of sport, food, media and other walks of life, have chosen to support the challenge #maltameatfreeweek. 

With a mix of flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans our ambassadors bring with them various experiences that should inspire you to take up the challenge. Follow them on social media.

Elaine Genovese

Elaine is a top national tennis player, currently ranked 750 in the world.

Eagerly taking on the meat free week challenge and will be pumping up my protein from plant sources – Elaine

Follow Elaine on @ele.geno

Kimberly Grixti

Kimberly is an active vegan social influencer. She has transitioned over these past few years from omnivore to pescatarian to vegetarian to finally become a vegan.

The meat free week challenge is an opportunity for me to show others that they can gradually change their lifestyle like I did. 

Follow Kimberly on @PlantbasedKim

Claire Aitchison

Claire Aitchison, born in Scotland, is known as ‘Claire Veggie’ because she is passionate about cooking and loves vegetables! Currently works in an organic farm.

Totally taking up and supporting the meat-free week challenge and sharing my experiences  – Claire

Follow Claire on /Claire’s Veggie Wonders

Lauren J

Lauren is a perfect example of a healthy, happy and well balanced vegan kid. With her parents all being vegan, trying to spread veganism.

The meat free week challenge is an opportunity for me to show others that they can gradually change their lifestyle like I did – Lauren J

Follow Lauren on her  YourTube Channel

Josef Mizzi

Josef Mizzi is a Fitness Personal Trainer. He believes that the most sustainable option for both humans, animals & mother earth is a plant based diet.

Try the meat free week challenge! I promise that if followed correctly, a plant based diet will allow you to thrive & ultimately live a longer healthier life – Josef

Follow Josef on /Josef Personal Trainer

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