Already vegetarian or vegan!

That’s great. Do you want to help support the largest vegan initiative in Malta? Yes! Here’s what you can do 

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Already meat-free!

Well yes, Malta Meat Free Week is primarily aimed at meat eaters but as a vegetarian or a vegan you will certainly benefit from the initiative. Participating shops will have products on offer and participating restaurants will have extra vegan choices.

It’s one week that your lifestyle choice of being meat-free is being celebrated! It also gives you the perfect opportunity to promote the meat-free lifestyle to your friends, family and colleagues by telling them to take the challenge and take a short break from meat.  

We value your support in making Malta Meat Free Week a success and we would like every vegetarian and vegan to be an ambassador. If you would like to help here are some ideas that you can do during the week. Donations are also welcome!

Get involved!

Here are some ideas of what you can do. If you have any other ideas feel free to share them with us. Let’s make this week memorable. #maltmeatfreeweek

Cook for a friend

Offer to cook for a friend for the week so they can taste meat-free meals.

Convince your friends

Talk to you meat loving friends and family and convince them to Join the Challenge

Join and share

Join the Challenge and share your experiences, food during that week. 

Vegetarians go vegan

If you are a vegetarian, take the challenge and go vegan for a week.

Meal with friends

Organise a meat-free meal with friends during that week.

Share recipes

Share your recipes and link to our social media.

Social like

Like and follow our Facebook and Instagram, including those of VeggyMalta.

Office pledge

Ask your colleagues at work to make an office and do it together.

Your own touch

Share with us your ideas and actions so we can motivate others as well .


Support Malta Meat Free Week by sending us a donation and help us cover the costs of this initiate. You can make a secure donation using our PayPal account.

Support our Sponsors

Main Sponsor: Valsioia
Sponsors: Green Vie | Lamb Brand |
Without the financial support of our sponsors this challenge would not be possible as the costs to do this nationwide campaign are substantial. It is because of this that we strongly encourage you to also support the Malta Meat Free Week campaign by buying their products and supporting our sponsors.